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Learn how to machine: Milling and turning

Starting on January 6th 2022, the members of FST Lisboa had the opportunity to participate in a training course on Conventional Machining taught at CENFIM Torres Vedras facilities. Throughout the 24 hours of work, they expanded their theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the manipulation of metals as well as the handling of the tools necessary for this purpose. Simultaneously, the group work developed the participants' teamwork skills.

Under the guidance of trainer Samuel Santos, two steel parts were developed from the respective technical drawings, one using the lathe and the other using a tabletop milling machine. During the activities, the trainees understood the process of choosing the right tool for each type of operation and material, the method of use, and also the process of tapping. Implicitly they gained sensitivity to the ideal operating speed of the tool and also to the force that the operator must exert when handling it. In terms of measurement and tolerancing, they were able to learn how to operate tools such as drills, comparators, and also methods for determining benchmarks.

The activities ended with a visit to the training center facilities, allowing the viewing of a CNC lathe in operation as well as other activities developed in CENFIM, which aroused the interest of the team members to continue their training in these areas.

The training was crucial to the materialization of the FST11, since most of the car components are produced by team members. It is this knowledge and tools that allow us to continue to develop vehicles every year, increasingly efficient and reliable.

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