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Competition Season 2020: COVID-19 Resolutions

In the weeks preceding the admission quizzes day (January 31st), the team confirmed its participation in all the competitions for which it had tried out, and, after careful deliberation taking into account the objectives the team had established for the season, it decided its participation in the following competitions: [EV Class – FST 10e]: FS Austria, FS Germany and FS Spain [Class DV – FST 10d]: FS Germany and FS Spain

The team would then attend three of the most highly rated competitions in the world, and debut in FS Austria that historically takes place at the Spielberg circuit – the Red Bull Ring.

However, and like other sporting events that would take place this summer – such as the Olympic Games in Tokyo or the UEFA Euro 2020 – the different organizations of the Formula Student competitions are now, one by one, postponing them to next year’s summer in order to ensure the safety and public health conditions at a time where the COVID-19 outbreak is spreading alarmingly all over the world.

At the same time, FST Lisboa interrupted the workshop work and is now focused on the type of work that can be done respecting social distancing that is nothing less than everybody’s duty and priority at this moment.

As for work planning in the months ahead as well as for the 2020/2021 season, the team has defined new goals – a product of the balance between the short and long term financial impact and the future of the team regarding ambitions, effort and expectations of not only its members but also of the remaining stakeholders.

1. In 2020, two cars will be manufactured, the FST 10e and FST 10d – due to competing in 2021.

2. FST 11 will be designed and built in 2 years, following the team’s philosophy before FST 08e – due to competing in the summer of 2022.

The next season was already bound to be a huge challenge as the FST 11 would have to be designed respecting the new rules stipulated by FSG, meaning the 11th prototype would have to compete both in manual and autonomous driving modes.

In short, FST Lisboa will not stop this year. We still have a lot of work to do!

Yes, the reality of what is happening in the world right now is much greater than us as individuals, than the team, than any competition or than the entire Formula Student community, however, FST Lisboa is committed to maintaining the same level of compromise and dedication that we have shown since the beginning of the year, so that, in a brighter future, we can all look at this season and the team as a case of success that, despite all adversities, did what was planned!

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