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FST 10e: the first track test

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The FST 10e testing season started with an initial debugging phase performed in small tracks and consequently at reduced speeds.

The first test on track, held at the Bombarral kart track, was an important step in the car testing process, allowing us to evaluate the behaviour of all systems when the requirements increase.

The temperature of the battery, inverters, motors and of all the drivetrain increases under these conditions in which all the structural parts of the car are under increased stress. Regarding electronics, it is important to assess whether all the power control systems and sensors are working properly, and whether all the car’s systems communicate as anticipated.

A longer track also allows us to test the range of our telemetry system, which will be very important in the competition environment.

With regard to driver training, a longer track also brings advantages. It allows the driver to know if the car is stable at high speeds, how it performs under braking, and if the ground clearance remains acceptable in all kinds of corners, both fast and slow. This type of information is very useful to outline mechanical and electronic tuning processes, with the goal of reaching an increasingly better configuration.

This kind of test at a travel distance of about 70km for the restricted team of members that were present allows us to test logistic strategies that will be equally important for the 2021 competitions.

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