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FST11’s first traces

The effort and dedication of the team during the first months of work have begun to pay off as the year begins.

The first positive molds of the monocoque took shape, made out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This piece is the housing for the other systems in the car. Other components also require this type of mold, such as the aerodynamic package.

There are several departments that use composite materials in the team, namely Aerodynamics, Chassis and Powertrain. However, the Aerodynamics and Powertrain departments work with fiber infusion and not with laminations. This year the team started to explore the usage of 3D printed molds. These molds are mostly used by the Aerodynamics department, which has already successfully made the first flap infusions.

Finally, regarding the electronics present in the car, and despite the global shortage of electronic components, all the PCB's (printed circuit board) necessary for the correct functioning of the car are already in production.

Throughout the machining process we are helped by our sponsors, who will work tirelessly to make our ideas a reality.

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