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Powertrain and Electronics Working Bench

This bench has been under development since the FST 08e and it’s been here that we perform most powertrain and electronic tests.

From the Powertrain side, it now includes the battery, 2 AMK motors, torque sensor and cooling system. The connection is made by the inverters to the Electronic side where we have several electronic modules such as DCU – Digital Control Unit – torque encoder, many sensors, PCBs and a PC with remote connection to the team members personal computers.

With the new version of the MJF arriving soon we need to be able to test it and trust the results. In order to do that we are preparing a series of tests for our AMK motors. The goal is to obtain the same data presented in the motors datasheet to validade our testing protocol.

On the Electronics side, we have been focusing on making sure that everything goes to plan when the power button is turned on, in terms of information being sent by the PCBs, and if the system responds as expected when each sensor is actuated. 

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