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Update: start of 2021 season

As the 2020/2021 school year started we see ourselves having to readjust to the new reality of living with a global pandemic. And that means reevaluating the initial planification, deadlines and overall goals.

To all our sponsors that stayed with us during these tough times we send a major thank you and appreciation. To the ones that we had to part with, there are no hard feelings as we understand the great difficulties many companies are facing. We can only try to make you proud and hope that one day we can work together again.

We started the 2021 season eager to finish the manufacture of our 10th race car generation. We anticipate to have more time to test these prototypes, to evaluate its reliability and validade our design.

This will help us develop a better and improved FST 11, which will be both electric and autonomous, falling into the hybrid category. Its design phase will start as soon as both FST 10e and FST 10d are finished.

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