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Workshop Is The New Beach

With all precautions taken, the team unfolds itself in efforts to achieve the final goal: the 10th prototype with the FST Lisboa stamp.

Monocoque, Machining and Battery: these have been the three focuses of in house mechanical work.

Laminating, curing, demoulding, trimming and sanding are all tasks that will be part of everyday life until the completion of the monocoque – a task that is always taken as a milestone – since it is the part that connects all subsystems being developed in parallel.

One of these subsystems is the suspension, for which the team has been machining some of the parts in the LTO (Laboratório de Técnicas Oficinais): cones, links and inserts.

On the third work front – the battery – the following steps contemplate repairs on the mould, connections’ drilling and threading, as well as stacks’ lamination.

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