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2021 Retrospective

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

2020/21 was a particularly challenging season, as could be expected. The beginning of the season took a lot of effort since it was difficult to manage a team where most of the members had to stay at home due to the pandemic situation. With some sacrifice, they slowly adapted to the new normality, thus allowing them to develop and test the two prototypes that would represent Portugal in international competitions. 

Within the different challenges, such as shift management and rotation of people working presentially, the team also had an usual big challenge: the competition entry quizzes. Unlike other years, these had to be done remotely, and the slots per competition were drastically reduced. However, the team was able to enter both cars in the best competition in the world: Formula Student Germany.  Therefore, the overall results were:


FST 10e – 4th

FST 10d – 3rd


FST 10e – 25th

FST 10d – 10th

As soon as the team finished manufacturing the FST10s, the testing season for them began. With the reliability goal of the FST10e, the car passed the 500km mark on the track and finished 9 endurances (the most demanding Formula Student competition). The FST10d, on the other hand, with the goal of being capable of performing all the dynamic tests, focused initially on the acceleration test and quickly moved onto the acceleration and trackdrive tests which it was able to finish at least once.

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