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Design Magazine 2020

This season’s Design Magazine is out !

As its title implies, this year’s first out of two issues is purely focused on some of what were the design improvements entering this new generation of prototypes.

The all-purpose of writing a magazine like this one is to involve you on the team’s technical breakthroughs, whether you have advanced knowledge on this fields of expertise, or you’re simply just curious.

Either way, you’ll find that there are black and white pages to visually differentiate the articles about FST 10d and FST 10e, respectively, and a glossary to help you with some of the technical abbreviations used throughout the DV section.

Being the debut season of FST Lisboa as a team working simultaneously on two race cars, this have been, unarguably, changing times. We’ve established ambitious goals not only for our prototypes but also in terms of the way we perform our daily tasks in order to potentiate our delivery.

So, without further ado, we leave you to explore what deepens our desire to step on those iconic tracks every year and experience the thrilling world of Formula Student.


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